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Help for all sick trees

    This website is full of information that will help you with your trees. If you have immediate needs, you should click on the appropriate tab to learn more about helping your trees. After that you can call us at (480) 969-8808 to have me out to look at them. .

    I made most of these videos with my wife a few years ago they're really worth watching if you want to understand plants.

    Most of the stuff I've learned about trees in the last 55 years is on this website. Some of this stuff I've never publish I'm putting it here for the next generation of arborists.

    How to become your own expert on how much water plants needs in Arizona.

   A few years ago, I put a lot of useful information about watering plants and trees and keeping your drip irrigation systems up-to-date and working. You can follow this link to access that information on my warnerstreesurgery site. However, since then I’ve simplified what I tell people.

   If you drive around and notice how well how much better plants and trees look in lawns and in parks and golf courses were there watered on a daily basis, you'll have enough information to become an expert in watering plants in Arizona.

   To keep a lawn green the lawn needs the same amount of water that would fall from the sky in Florida in Indiana and in Lower Canada which is about 60 in of rainfall a year, usually two or three times a week.

   If you download this manual on watering citrus trees you will see that it represents about the same amount of water a citrus tree needs in gallons per day as the citrus tree would get if it was in Florida and growing with very little water that didn't fall from the sky.

   So most of the information that's on the internet is either for plants that are out of state or put their because the amount of water that is recommended is from city watering manuals, and the cities have a financial interest in people using as little water as possible, because the less water that used the more houses they can build, and the more tax money they have to spend.

   Also watering a lawn does not cause water loss as almost all the water goes into the ground and makes its way eventually back into the underground Aquifer. So, if you give you trees the same amount of water they would get in a lawn they will look as good as the trees that are growing in lawns. And you can use this information for any tree that is not native and grows well back east, this includes ash trees pine trees oak trees and many more.

   So now you're an expert on watering trees and plants in Arizona.

    The pathogens. In the upper atmosphere and how they have taught us how little we know.

   It took me a long time to learn that experts just hate to admit what they don't know, they can go on for hours and hours using giant words that nobody else but them and people in their field that understand about the stuff that they know, but they have some sort of mental block on admitting what they don't know and in turn this leads us to believe they really know what's going on but in fact we don't.

  NASA has done some studies in the last 10 years on the upper atmosphere and the pathogens that live there. The studies when first done readily admitted that they had only identified 1% of the pathogens and that the pathogens were constantly changing.

  They also put out studies that showed that many of the pathogens we're necessary in forming rain. It's still possible to find that information with internet searches but it's not the thing that pops up regardless of how you word your queries unless you're really determined to get the information. However, I’ve included three or four links that you can follow so you can check on what I just stated. Stanford study indicates that more than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science and,Loads of Microbes Found High in Atmosphere and,Bacterial diversity and composition during rain events finally, Storm Clouds Crawling With Bacteria

  So we have no idea what type of diseases are falling from the sky. Disease specialists study a few diseases and they write giant books on those subjects and when a person is studying to be an arborist with a specialty in tree disease he reads all those books and spends countless hours memorizing the names and how to identify the varying diseases. If he's honest with himself, he comes to realize many of the diseases have the same symptoms.

  When I first moved to Arizona 35 years ago, I realized that things were different here than they were in California so I went to The Cooperative Extension once a month and took samples of disease limbs and leaves from trees to let the experts at The Cooperative Extension, that were teaching the Master Guard Class, identify them.

  They would pass them around with wise expressions on their faces, sometimes they put them under a microscope and let the other students look. After about a year of this I learned sadly that they kept repeating their diagnostic conclusions to about 10 diseases.

   So, I started sending samples to a College in Texas that was the main source for diseases research in crops for the state. They had several PhDs and 10 to 12 graduate students and they had all the toys for looking into plant disease.

  Again every time they sent a report back it told me to check for watering problems examine the soil and although this advice was augmented by much learned language. never once did they tell me what was wrong.

  Finally, I got ahold of one of the PhDs there and he admitted that sometimes it took them over 5 years to diagnose a new disease that was threatening billions of dollars of plant health and after that I began to realize I knew nothing.

  So, I started taking coffee and donuts to Jay Harper's father once a week at the Harper's Nursery near my home and coax him into telling me what I needed to do to make the trees I was working on that were sick better. He usually talked for an hour until he got full of coffee and donuts, I thanked him and, in a week, I would go talk to him again, rather I'd go and listen.

  So I worked along with my family tree trimming business and following the advice of the Harper's and building on what I learned there with my own experience I became pretty good at keeping trees healthy.

  A few months after the 9/11 catastrophe I got called out to a job that had a number of sick trees with symptoms I didn't recognize. I noticed that a swimming pool at the customer's house was being torn up.

  Two or three days later I was called to another job where the symptoms were the same and again the pool was being torn up.

   Not knowing what was wrong I treated the trees with everything in my bag. I treated them with antibiotics, fungicides, insecticides, and a substance that was supposed to improve a plant's immune system.

  After running into this a few more times I learned from the people that were working on the swimming pools that something had fallen in the rain in Mesa and it was eating the cement in the pools. Regardless of how terrible this was the trees I had treated got better.

   Over the years I learned that the substance I was using to boost a plants immune system was something that almost always worked. At the time and probably even now the people that make this substance admitted that they didn't know why it works but I knew that it did.

   And now thanks to almost a billion dollars of research that the drug companies funded to find out why herbs are able to fight disease I know why that substance works as well.

   We now understand -in part- how a trees immune system works.

   Every cell of every plant contains enzymes that dissolve fungus, bacteria, and viruses. These enzymes are the same as the enzymes in our spit that dissolves meat.

    Normally a tree has a strong immune system, but when the reserve energy of a tree becomes depleted due to damaged leaves, incorrect watering, or improper pruning, the immune system suffers. Under normal circumstances, once these issues are resolved, and if the tree survives, everything will go back to normal in two to four years.

    I've included some links that will take you to some scientific articles that talk about these enzymes remember that although these enzymes are present in every cell of every plant there are derived from phosphates and metals that are present in the soil, of where these plants evolved.

    Here in Arizona most of the plants are from other parts of the world and as a result of this many of there immune systems are compromise and they are unable to defend themselves from the pathogens that fall in the rain.

    I have links on the other pages of this website that will teach you how to provide the necessary nutrients for particular trees. Here are some links so you can check this out for yourself

Plant Products as Antimicrobial Agents and,Enzymes in Pharmaceutical Industry and,Phosphatase finally, Plants produce antimicrobial chemicals, antimicrobial proteins, and antimicrobial enzymes that are able to fight the pathogens

    There is information on the other pages of this website that will guide you on controlling harmful insects in the various trees.

    Also be aware but we have known for many years about the specialized roots that pick up the micronutrients. They are shallow and they grow up most are within 4 to 6 in of the surface so years ago before we knew this we would put the fertilizer down a couple feet because that's where all of the routes were. We were just wasting our time and anyone that still practices this either doesn't or doesn't care.

    Also be aware that over pruning many trees will result in energy loss, sunburn, and sometimes the death of the tree in three 2 to 5 years. Sadly trimming trees is in line with how many people make their money.

    Well that's about it for now. If you've gotten this far and checked out the references you've got a lot to think about.

    Keep in mind that most of the information that arborist get is from places like the Cooperative Extension. They in turn get their information from the PhDs from the various colleges.

    While a PhD might know what's really going on, they are reluctant beyond understanding to put anything down in writing that hasn't absolutely been proven by a number of peer review studies in language that few can understand..

It has been my experience that they are 10 to 15 years behind. And every day a crate made from wood from some jungle, with insect larvae, arrives here in Phoenix.

    However if you can control the harmful insects, and Preserve the energy making leaves and provide a tree with the nutrients it needs to preserve it's natural immune system you will be well ahead of the game.

    So that's about it most of what I've learned about trees in the last 55 years is on this website. Some of this stuff I've never publish I'm putting it here for the next generation of arborists.


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I hope you found this page aboutTree Diseases in Mesa AZ useful. If you have any questions about Tree Disease please contact our Tree Service to schedule an appointment. We have been treating sick trees for over 50 years. We currently serve, Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ and all of Maricopa County AZ.