Queen Palm Leaves Turning Yellow Mesa AZ 004


Hi this is Warner with Warner’s tree surgery and today I’m looking at a queen palm’s.

It’s February 21, 2017 and what you’re seeing here are the effects of manganese deficiency on one of the newer leaves that is weak because it didn’t have enough manganese while it was developing, and you’ve got one of the tops that is deformed and you’ve got spots on most of the leave.

That’s because this particular palm tree didn’t have what it needed to fight off the fungus or possibly the bacteria that came in the rain in the last month or two.

So I’ve got the customer straightened out on how to feed these trees. All the information that you’ll need to take care of your Queen palms is on a handout on this website called help for sick Queen palms which you can download.

It will give you information on how much the water and correct trimming procedures. There is also a link to a web address for ordering the spikes that have the correct amount of manganese and there’s a link on this website entitled Lutz fertilizer spikes which will take you to the company that sells a spike that is made specifically for Queen palms.

In addition it’s a good idea to have us out so that we can inject your Queen palms with manganese that goes directly into the trunk. These injections will get the proper nutrients to the newly developed fronds much quicker than the fertilizer spikes that go on the ground will.

Well that’s about it if you’d like us to come out look at your Queen palms give us a call our number is 480-969-8808 and if you live anywhere in Maricopa County I can come out and look at your trees.

Thanks for watching the video t okay his is Warner saying goodbye.

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