The disease that causes this condition is called frizzled top 003


Hello this is Pat with Warner’s tree surgery and today I’m going to be talking about Queen Palms, here’s one that’s nice and green it looks pretty good right?

Well let’s take a closer look, notice the top frond that’s deformed and stunted, if we look closer we can see that there are other fronds that are deformed as well.

Sometimes deformed fronds on Queen palms are frizzled and burnt on the ends well.

The disease that causes this condition is called frizzled top and is caused by an airborne fungus that affects Queen palms. Sometimes you see it on the sides of the fronds as well as on the tips.

The reason Queen palms can’t defend themselves against this disease is because they don’t get enough of the micronutrient called manganese, Queen palms need a lot more manganese than normal palms, so a normal Palm fertilizer does not have nearly enough manganese for Queen palms to stay healthy. Also, Queen palms need a lot of water and when ther sick they should never have any green fronds trimmed off.

In addition we can also inject manganese directly into the tree making it available to the plant much quicker than normally possible.

To learn more give us a call our number is (480) 969-808. You can also download the PDF file that is titled something like help for Queen palms which is on this website well that’s about it, thank you for watching the video, this is Pat with Warner’s tree surgery goodbye.

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