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If the fronds of your queen palms look stunted or frizzled, your queen palms have a fungal infection commonly called 'Frizzle Top'.

This disease is spread by rain, insects and people that trim your trees and don't sterilize their tools properly. A healthy tree that has all the micro nutrients it needs can fight off this infection. Unlike most other palm trees, the queen palm mainly uses manganese in large amounts as an enzyme-activator to fight off diseases.

The reason queen palms are susceptible to fungal infection is usually because there isn't enough manganese available for the new frowns as they develop. By regularly introducing manganese into the root system in the correct amounts (usually 12% or more), the new frowns will be more resistant to fungal infections

Before I decided to focus exclusively on tree disease, I trimmed, and fertilized hundreds of Queen Palms, on a regular bases. So, I know firsthand what works

An airborne fungus causes queen palm fronds to appear misshaped. Queen palms use large amounts of manganese to fight diseases and build strong fronds.

Normal palm tree fertilizers don’t provide enough manganese. Over time this manganese deficiency may cause queen palm death.

What to do:
Plan A
Have us inject capsules into the tree for a quick uptake of manganese. Have us back in three months, then twice a year until palms are healthy. After that yearly visits should do.

Plan B do it yourself:
Have us inject capsules into the tree for a quick uptake of manganese. Have us back in three months.
As soon as you can, start using Lutz Manganese Spike #30190 or a comparable product with enough manganese twice a year. Use 1 spike for every 3 inches of tree diameter. Each spike weighs 0.32 pounds. Click here to order Queen Palm spikes

In the summer (May to October), both Whitfield Nursery and Moon Valley Nursery recommend 30 gallons of water twice a week for mature queen palms. For the rest of the year cut back 1/2 to 1/3 of this amount..

Only trim dead frowns, sterilize saws before cutting frowns, use any household disinfectant spray. When removing dead husks never use a chain saw. When trimming never allow someone to use climbing spikes, (Pole saws or ladder only).

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