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I made this video about three blocks from my house just before Labor Day 2019’

As you can see one branch has dead needles and the rest of the pine is green. The tree looks like its getting enough water’

There are only a few things that can cause this that I know of.

One is that a boring insect just finished its way completely around the branch.

The second cause could be that someone climbing the tree could have broken it.

And the third is the ash fly, which would show up at this time of year.

Here is some information on the ash whitr fly and watering pines.

 Here is what you need to do if the limbs on your pines start dying:

1 Resist trimming - removing dead branches might make things look better but unless the branch has been dead for a few years it will probably cause sap loss where cut. Instead wait a year of so until the tree is insect free.

2 Increase watering immediately. Here in the desert it wouldn't hurt to exceed the amount of water a pine would get in its natural environment. Take a look at the annual rainfall in Washington State. Also notice how well large pines do in lawns that are green all year long. Pines need a lot of water! For more information on this subject please see Watering Non Native Trees on this website.

3 Starting immediately - treat your pines yearly with Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub. Treat your tree annually as the deep borers are hard to kill. You can get Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub at home depot.

4 have us treat your pines with medicines that will accelerate the healing process from the damage done from the micro pathogens carried by insects

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