Dead Limb On Ash Tree Mesa AZ


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I made this video about three blocks from my house just before Labor Day 2019’

As you can see some of the branches are dead and The tree looks like it’s getting enough water.

probably what happened is that a boring insect made its way completely around the branches.

Also the ash fly, which would show up at this time of year is responsible for the rest of the tree looking bad. Here is some information on the ash fly and watering Ash trees.

Ash Trees are susceptible to wood boring insects. Common symptoms are, branch dieback, and thinning canopies. A symptom common with ash trees infested by carpenter worms and other ash borers is bark shredded off by woodpeckers searching for the larvae.
To make matters worse the Ash Fly is now in the valley and I have seen it in many trees including Ash and Citrus.

I have personally seen this pest completely defoliate large Ash Trees to learn more please watch the video on this page.and download Help For Sick Ash Trees on this page.

What to do:
1 Increase watering immediately. Notice how well large Ash Trees do in lawns that are green all year long. See Watering Non-Native Trees on this page.

2 Starting immediately - treat your Ash Trees yearly with Bio Advanced Tree and Shrub. Treat your tree annually as the deep borers are hard to kill. You can get Bio Advanced Tree and Shrub at Home Depot.

3 Have us treat your Ash Trees with medicines that will accelerate the healing process from the damage done from the micro pathogens carried by insects. Good Luck Warner.

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