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Hi this is Warner with Warner Street surgery and I’m going to be talking today about a problem that every citrus tree that I’ve looked at in the Phoenix area has which is a small loft called the Asian citrus leaf minor.

The Asian citrus leaf Meyer comes from Vietnam it’s been in the Valley about nine years as far as I can tell, and it has no natural predators. And it breeds every 3 to 5 weeks. One full-grown the Asian citrus leaf minor is about the size of that small white dot you can see on this leaf. The problem they present is the destruction of the leaf interferes with its ability to create energy by the process of photosynthesis.

A citrus tree stores energy in the stem’s branches and roots of the tree. It draws on this energy from the time the bugs first appear on the tree, until the fruit is completely right. After the fruit is ripe and before the tree starts to bud the tree restocks the reserve energy and under normal conditions this works fine. However, when the tree is not producing enough energy either because of lack of fertilization improper pruning or in this case leaf damage due to insects the tree gradually reduces his stored energy and tell that energy reserve is completely depleted. In the case of citrus trees this usually takes about five years. When the reserves are depleted the tree could no longer defend itself against fungus extremes in weather or other insects. The fruit becomes small and it loses its flavor and eventually given enough time the tree will succumb to disease and die.

For more information please watch the video on this page also you can download the file what to do if your citrus trees are sick which should also be on this page.

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