Citrus Disease Mesa AZ


Hello this is Pat with Warner surgery and today I’ll be talking about citrus trees and some of the problems they face here in Maricopa County.

The leaves are usually the first thing you notice when something is wrong so let’s take a look at some of the common problems.

This is what nitrogen deficiency looks like and this can be fixed with correct fertilization.

This is what zinc deficiency looks like and again this can be fixed with correct fertilization.

Herbicide damage sometimes looks like this and it requires a little more work to be corrected. We usually start with a soil leach and you can strengthen the tree’s roots with a mycorrhizal fungi root treatment.

If you look at this handouts on this website and download the one for citrus trees titled what to do if your citrus trees are sick there will be a recommended fertilizer that will correct these problems and also provide a mycorrhiza fungi included with the fertilizer. It’s called Kellogg Garden Organics Fruit Tree Fertilizer you use it every 2 months and you can get it at Home Depot and probably on Amazon. Be careful not to fertilize for two or three months after the soil leach.

We also see leaves that look like this in a condition called citrus greening. This is caused by bacteria spread by aphids. The symptoms include fruit drop fruit die back and fruit that is lopsided small and bitter tasting. Again, if you have this problem give us a call we can help.

This is what sooty mold looks like and this condition is caused by sap sucking insects. We can help give us a call.

Manganese deficiency is a common problem in which the leaves turn yellowish with the larger veins remaining slightly green. This condition can be fixed with correct regular fertilization. The fertilizer mentioned in the handout is particularly good because that fertilizer you use every two months.

Citrus gummosis is caused by a fungus that is born in the roots it causes the tree to sap and the sap looks golden honey like. It’s pretty easy to spot if you see this give us a call we can help.

One more thing before I go, one of the most dangerous things to citrus trees and lawns is the person that is using the weed eater. It only takes a few times for a careless worker to cut completely through the bark of a citrus tree and once the bark is cut entirely around the tree it’s dead, so please check on this regularly.

The only remedy for this that I know of is to paint the tree white at the bottom and then let the people know that are working in your yard that you’re checking the trees every time they come and if you see scars you’re going to fire them.

I’ve seen people that worked in yards remove the bricks that people have put up to protect their trees use the weed eater and then replace the bricks. I’ve seen 40-year-old healthy mature citrus trees in lawns be totally destroyed in one or two months by people using the weed eaters incorrectly.

Well that’s about it thanks for watching the video this is Pat with Warner Street if you would like to have Warner come out and look at your trees give us a call the number is (480) 969-808 thank you and goodbye .

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