Ash Trees Boring Insects Mesa


Hello this is Pat with Warner’s Tree Surgery and today I’m talking about ash trees.

Ash trees are suffering this year in record numbers here are some pictures of ash trees just blocks from our home in Mesa.

All of the ash trees in these pictures are infected with Boring insects and this video will aid you in determining on whether your ash trees are infected or not.

Common symptoms associated with ash trees being attacked Boring insects are branch di back, thinning canopies, and epicormic shoots that looks like this.

The canopy of the tree may have only the lower branches that are full of foliage and a top with only a scattering of leaves in addition the lower shoots might be upright. These are called epicormic shoots and occur along the branches of trunks of stress trees and usually mark the spots where a boring insect has circled the branch above it.

A common symptom of ash trees that are infected with carpenter worms are loose bark that is being eaten by woodpeckers. Woodpeckers go after many types of Boring insects particularly in ash trees.

If you watch the video on this page you will see many examples of different kinds of damage that is done to ash trees.

If you have these problems give us a call we can help. Our number is 480-969-8808 give me a call and I’ll set up a time when Warner can come out and look at your trees. this is Pat with Warner’s Tree Surgery thank you for watching the video.

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