Retreating a little ash tree


Hello this is Warner with Warner's Tree Surgery and I'm out here in Mesa today retreating a little ash tree.

Now this thing was almost dead the first time we treated and as you can see from the numerous scars on this tree from insects.

we treated it with a fast-acting insecticide and got the customer on a program of treating it with bio advance tree and shrub on a yearly basis and were retreating it now.

As you can see in these crotches that the insects enter at the branch: and bore their way down.

The insects can't live on the sap alone they also need vitamins which they get from the fungus that they carry on their legs, so this scarring that you're seeing is from the fungus.

When you see scarring like this you know that there are boring insects in your trees or at least there were at some time.

when they exit you can usually see a hole and if it's the right time of year you can see some sap. If the insects are bad enough they can kill branches and if there really bad they can kill the entire tree. This video was made sometime in February 2017. thank you for watching, this is Warner  if   you need me to come out and look at your trees give us a call the numbers 480-969-8808. Thank you very much.

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